Deluxe Package
all inclusive

With the Deluxe Package, we name one of the brightest stars of the respective constellation for you (brighter than the highest category in the professional package). You can add a personal dedication and freely choose the constellation. Our most popular extras are already included. You save 100 euros compared to buying everything separately. The deluxe package includes:

  • Brighter star as the highest category of the professional package

  • Certificate with Swarovski crystals and frame

  • Additional certificate

  • Star map

  • Information sheets on the star and constellation

  • Instructions for finding the star

  • Gift folder

  • Star registry entry

  • Stellarium software on CD

  • Free choice of the constellation

  • Silver necklace

  • Compass


Preview Certificate

Deluxe Package
Exclusive to the deluxe package, we name one of the brightest stars of the chosen constellation.
Enter the name of your star here.
  • Symbols:
The date can be in the future or in the past.
You can add a personal dedication text to the certificate. We also offer various templates for this.
  • Please type in your text manually and do not copy it into it from another source. Otherwise, it can happen that it will not be shown on your certificate.

    • Symbols:
Choose the constellation yourself or a constellation is randomly picked.
With three original crystals from Swarovski® your individual certificate becomes something very special.
You will receive the certificate twice in A4. You can add more copies here.
In case you need additional gift folders.
incl. Tax, excl. Shipping Cost